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Let’s get gardening

We’ve got some great gardening tips for you to do this summer … where do you go or all your gardening must-haves in the city of roses?

  • The five best summer flowers for sunny beds are alyssum, bedding dahlias, bedding salvia (Salvia splendens), marigolds and zinnia.
  • In shady areas plant impatiens, coleus with its colourful leaves, mimulus, delphiniums, lobelia, and foxgloves.
  • Trim daisy bushes, keep on pinching back fuchsias and take cuttings of pelargoniums.
  • All plants will benefit from deep watering twice a week, however, while water restrictions are in place, you can only water between 6pm and 6am with a hand-held hose, bucket or watering can. If you have an irrigation system, it should be turned off and you may not use a sprinkler.
  • Fertilize towards the middle of the month to replace nutrients taken up by the rapid growth of plants. It will also give them strength to keep on flowering.
  • Annuals and bedding plants benefit from a liquid fertilizer twice a month while perennials, shrubs and groundcovers can be given a single application of a granular fertilizer like Vigorosa 5:1:5 (25). Hydrangeas can be fertilized with the pink or blue hydrangea food.
  • Renew mulch if necessary. It encourages earthworms, keeps the roots cool and reduces evaporation. Spread acid compost underneath azaleas and hydrangeas and if possible, cover that with a light layer of pine needles.
  • Water shrubs and trees if there’s no rainfall. Spring flowering shrubs that have finished flowering can be trimmed and shaped.

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