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Bloemsec: Making sure that you are safe and secure!

The Police statistics that were released a few months ago proved to us that robberies and burglaries in Bloemfontein are on the increase. As the threat for danger increases, you should also decrease your exposure to danger and one sure way to do this is to make sure you have a Bloemsec alarm system installed at your home.

Why Bloemsec, you may ask? The proudly Bloemfontein based company has been in business for well over 14 years. They have a local footprint and are a trusted brand in Bloemfontein and as a result, they are increasing in popularity among local residents due to their reliability and commitment to ensuring the safety of their customers. Also, the company’s control room is here in Bloemfontein meaning that alarm signals are received and attended to quicker.

The security company also has various partnerships with other stakeholders such as neighbourhood watch forums and the South Africa Police Services. One particular partnership that arrested our attention was the partnership they have with AfriForum’s neighbourhood associations. For every member of AfriForum that installs Bloemsec, they receive a R50 discount off their monthly Bloemsec recurring bill. Now, isn’t that something?

Stephan Meyer, CEO of Bloemsec, says that his staff are well trained, accredited and always prepared according to SAIDSA standards. He manages professional individuals who are committed to protecting and serving the interests of the Bloemfontein community. Meyer also adds that his staff, who receives well over 1500 alarm signals each day, are the reason he loves his trade so much as they are approachable, willing to walk the extra mile and are always alert.

Though a runner-up in the recent Best of Bloemfontein awards in the category for Best Security Company, Bloemsec has received various other awards over the years, including a few PMR Africa awards. Meyer adds that the secret to this company’s growing success can be attributed to always keeping both staff and clients happy. He adds that if the staff are free in their working environment, they will be good to customers and their production will be higher.

With all the great work being done by this remarkable company in Bloemfontein, we are positive that Bloemsec will be winning a few more awards in the coming years.

Compiled by Pulane Choane & Sandra Mulder

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