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Only the best for your Crazy Pet

Pets are God’s gift to mankind, well, apart from mankind. They communicate with us humans in a unique and diverse way and if you’ve ever had a pet, you’ll know that all animals have a personality – much in the same way humans do. Some are cranky, with short temperaments; some are stubborn and stiff-necked, while some are sweet and amiable and others playful and needy of attention and affection. Again, much like humans, despite their differences, they all need a little love. And food and shelter, treats and toys and a few added accessories here and there to keep life interesting.

The Crazy Pets store at Showgate in Bloemfontein won the 2015 and 2016 Best of Bloemfontein Award for Best Pet Shop. Looking at its diverse product range, it’s no surprise at all that Crazy Pets was the category winner for two consecutive years, giving its competitors a serious run for their money. The massive store offers pet owners everything – from pets’ housing, nutrition, wet and dry foods, to toys, carriers, cages, fish tanks, beds, and a host of other products. Everything needed for your cat, dog, reptile, hamster or bird.

This great store does not just offer about everything under the sun required for taking care of your furry or scaly friend; it is also a great supporter of animal causes. It does not sell any animals but rather products for animal consumption.

The Showgate branch runs great monthly specials. Everything it offers is priced affordably so that you can give your pet the life it deserves without breaking an arm and a leg (in this case, a paw and a limb). The staff, all of whom are very well trained and friendly, offer great advice and any questions you may have about which products would best be suited for your pet.

Shop manager, Lester Norkie, attributes the store’s success in being the Best of Bloemfontein’s winning pet shop to its commitment to provide customers with quality products at affordable prices. He also adds the store’s friendly staff, who are always willing to go the extra mile, make the store’s reputation what it is.

Whether you’re looking for food for your pet or toys to keep it busy or better yet, shelter to keep it safe, Crazy Pets has just what you need to keep your pet comfortable, well fed and well entertained.


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