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Ring the alarm: ADT steals the hearts of Bloemfontein residents!

For many of us, our homes are our just that – our havens, our “happy place” where we go to unwind and be ourselves. We pride ourselves in the shelter and comfort we find at our homes, whether they are mansions or simple and humble abodes. No house is really a home unless it shelters you from the external dangers that roam outside your walls.
ADT Security, which won the 2016 Best of Bloemfontein award for best security company, has quite a host of ways to ensure that you and your loved ones will never have to fear that dear place you call home. ADT offers a host of product solutions for your home or business to keep your precious valuables and loved ones, whether family, colleagues and employees, safe and sound.
ADT boasts high-end services such as thermal sensors which unlike motion sensors, detect heat rather than motion. So, if it has a pulse, you had better believe the sensor will pick it up. Among other services it offers, is an escort service where if you’re feeling unsafe and are driving home late, one of its armed response officers can escort you home. Who said Whitney Houston was the only one with a bodyguard?
This groundbreaking company even offers other groundbreaking technologies in security such as home automation. What this exciting innovation does is that it allows you to arm and disarm the alarm, monitor live CCTV feeds and receive instant alerts as they arise. What’s more exciting and scary at the same time is that you can even remotely control your lights or appliances thanks to Z-Wave technology. Want the front lights to come on as you enter the premises? Consider this a luxury – one that is no longer only available in the movies, but one that is well within your reach – literally just a click away!
Deon van der Walt, branch manager of the award-winning security company which operates in Bloemfontein and Kimberley, says the company’s focus is solely on the clients’ safety as well as the staff’s safety. He credits the customers on voting for the company as best security company in Bloemfontein. Very humbly, he also adds that it’s the sincere efforts of the staff that make the company what it is. The ADT staff come highly trained as they are skilled in armed response, have advanced driving skills and also know how to handle firearms and to defend themselves when placed in life-threatening situations. Mando Banda, who is a R02 Senior Armed Response officer, says he enjoys his work thoroughly, despite the dangers involved.
Ring the alarm on crime by turning to ADT for groundbreaking technologies that will put you at the core of security. Whether you want smoke detectors or an alarm system or to enter your premises with your code or fingerprints, turn to the company that’s dedicated to finding innovative yet convenient and affordable solutions to keeping you and your family or employees safe. They are always there for you!

Compiled by Pulane Choane & Sandra Mulder

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