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Maison Costa: A cut above the rest


The struggle is real! We’ve all had an experience where we weren’t happy with how our hair came out after a visit to the hair salon and with sore hearts, we vowed never to go there again! The love for hair is one of those things that cuts across gender, culture and race and in a way, speaks to how similar humans are, regardless of who you are, we all want great hair. Ask the lady with alopecia or the gentleman with a bald spot how not having hair first affected them and they’ll probably tell you of all the ways they tried to cure their condition or how insecure they often get because of it.

With that said, hair is a multi-billion rand industry, not just in South Africa, but worldwide – with good reason too. Hair has the ability to transform your look, making you go from a classic to chic or from curly to spiky or sIeek. While we can’t explain society’s insatiable obsession with hair, we can direct you to a salon that knows exactly what to do with hair to give you a non-greasy sheen and voluminous, texture to your hair.

Maison Costa is just the place to go to if you want someone to help you turn heads with your hair! The salon franchise, recently won the 2016 Best of Bloemfontein awards for best place to get your hair done. Gentle and soft-spoken, Mark Trisos, owner of the four franchises in Bloemfontein, says the salon prides itself in being more than just a place where people come to get their hair done but also a place where they can get head massages or a warm cup of dark rich coffee as they wait to be pampered.

The staff at Maison Costa make a concentrated effort to make a visit to the hair salon an experience the customers look forward to time and time again. Trisos also explains that the salon does not compromise on the quality of hair products and equipment to be used on its customers’ heads. Only the best and most up to date products are used, which is why the salon stays far ahead of its competitors! Some of the world-renowned brands customers can expect to see in Maison Costa hair salons, include GHD, L’Oreal Professional, Kerastase and Redken 5th Avenue.

The salon franchise in Bloemfontein hires over 80 staff members at its different branches. If the experience of all the staff members is combined, the established brand’s employees have well over 650 years of experience! That’s a lot of split ends! The staff, who are also very well trained, attend up to five training sessions a year. The hair institute also offers a development programme where up to 20 students are taken in for an apprenticeship every year to learn the art of hair business. Part of the salon’s great success is owing to the low turnover of staff, meaning that its staff are loyal and contribute generously to the rich work culture the brand has made for itself over the last half a century or so.

What makes Maison Costa so spectacular, is the salon’s ability to cater to four generations – thereby making trips to the salon meaningful and sentimental for many grannies, mommies, and daughters.

Next time you’re looking for a great spot to grab a mag, enjoy a cup of coffee, and get your hair done, head down to your nearest Maison Costa hair salon for satisfaction guaranteed or double your hair back!

Compiled by Pulane Choane & Moeketsi Mogotsie

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