There is a One-Stop Shop for all your medical needs (MediCross) – Best Of Bloemfontein
There is a One-Stop Shop for all your medical needs (MediCross)

Medi-Cross Medical Centre at College Square, Bloemfontein was voted the best medical care centre for the second year running in the Best of Bloemfontein awards. This medical facility has been split into two parts: a medical centre and a dentistry area. The medical centre boasts world-class facilities which include services by five general practitioners, three nurses, seven dentists, one physiotherapist and many more services.

Other services you may find at the centre include a baby clinic which also offers immunisations for your little ones, a travel clinic which offers travel medication for if you are travelling and want to protect yourself against illnesses like malaria. The deceivingly big centre also has an oral hygienist, a pathology clinic, family planning services, an X-ray centre as well as a host of many other services that make them the week-trusted health care provider they are today. Not only do they offer a wide spectrum of services, but they use world-class equipment too, giving them a bit of an edge over other health care suppliers in the city.

The air at the centre is warm, fresh and assuring- nothing like what we have been made to believe of medical centres. It’s easy to understand why those needing medical services prefer the College Square based medical centre over others in the city. The medical centre is unrivalled in its cleanliness, the staff are affectionate yet professional and the services rendered are speedy and there are no long queues. Visit Medi-Cross Medical Centre at College Square today, where you will find that the only other healers better than the ones working there are time, sleep and laughter.

Compiled by Pulane Choane & Sandra Mulder

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