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Voters choose their ultimate favourites

This year Bloemfontein Courant readers also had the opportunity to vote for those businesses that went the extra mile during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic to still render outstanding service to their clients.
A special category, BESTof2020 Voters’ Favourite was introduced this year to pay tribute to those businesses who went beyond the call of duty. Although many local businesses were nominated and voted for by our readers, three businesses proved to be the ultimate favourites, based on the amount of votes they received. The winners are Bloemsec, LEjiT Lekker and Aguila Real Estate.
Understanding the difficult time their clients – both residential and business – went through during the lockdown, Bloemsec decided to start a so-called Covid list of clients who were unable to pay during that period and continued to render a service to them regardless. To ensure greater safety for their clients and the broader community, they also introduced Bloem Eye, a street camera system that enables their control room to keep a closer eye on happenings in the streets of the city. This, together with the curfew, helped them to quickly identify potentially dangerous situations and act accordingly. They also disseminated important safety information on different WhatsApp groups to ensure that their clients and the broader community stay up to date with the latest safety-related information.
To keep the growth momentum, the owners of LEjiT Lekker took to Facebook and other online platforms to market their numerous specials. Facebook boosting proved to be handy tool for them throughout the lockdown period. They also used their customer database to keep customers up to date with their specials via WhatsApp. WhatsApp was their main platform for placing orders. They also won the hearts of many Bloem residents who couldn’t go to a restaurant for their favourite meals, by introducing a very reliable yet affordable delivery service. A project which was beneficial to both Lejit Lekker and their clients was the frozen meals they introduced during the lockdown. It not only helped the restaurant to survive during a particular difficult time, but it also won them a lot of new clients.

During the hard lockdown period Aguila Real Estate made a lot of effort to broaden the knowledge of their agents. One of the ways they went about it, was to offer Zoom training to empower employees. The 3D online videos they created for clients during this period were particularly popular. Sellers could send them pictures of the properties they wanted to sell. These pictures were then used to create innovative advertising campaigns. Their online presence during the lockdown ensured that their client base grew sufficiently for when the economy finally opened for business again.

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